Bad Rothenfelde

Health spa in the Osnabrück Land region

Our spa town is located between the cities of Osnabrück, Bielefeld and Münster, and is directly adjacent to Eastern Westphalia and the Münster region. 

Bad Rothenfelde is known for salt and brine. From the Café Dreyer, you have an outstanding view of the city’s main landmark: the imposing graduation towers, which are the largest in western Europe at 416 m and 114 m in length. During the “Lichtsicht”, the saltworks are transformed into projection screens for light shows, as the spa resort becomes an art promenade.  

The Kurmittelhaus (treatment centre) is the central point for medical and salt treatments. The facility offers a wide variety of therapeutic and wellness treatments.   

Pristine nature and clean air, hiking, cycling, doing something for your health, indoor salt water baths – and a relaxed spa town atmosphere – Bad Rothenfelde offers all this and more. 

Ausschnitt eines gelben Gebäudes mit weißen Säulen
Aussicht auf das Gradierwerk und das Gebäude von Hotel und Cafe Dreyer
schwarzer balkonstuhl mit rotem Polster und einem Tisch, im Hintergrund das Gradierwerk